Welcome to our wedding site but why though?

Welcome to our Wedding site – #peesquare15 . This is our first post and I thought to bring you into why we are doing this.

Firstly, words cannot describe how excited we are to finally ‘tie the knot’. Based on our human understanding, it may not seem like the perfect time to make such a bold step. However,we are so sure and confident that this is God’s perfect timing for us (Isaiah 55:9). Besides, what’s more than getting hitched when you’re young? *wink* (Proverbs 5.18).

Now, why we have a wedding site. Well, I believe that there is a purpose for everything on earth and so having a wedding site for me is beyond just been trendy. Below are some of the reasons why we have decided to do this;

  • It has been a long challenging journey filled with lots of ups and downs. This site will serve as an opportunity to share some of those experiences with you as we believe it would encourage, enlighten, or simply amuse someone out there
  • As my medical other half would affirm, our memories can only hold so much information, this site for us is a way of keeping those memories alive
  • In some very plenty years time, we will have little Patricias and Patricks. This site is for them to see what daddy and mummy went through to have them


We do hope that this site one way or the other, either inspires, enlightens, or amuse you.

Welcome to the official peesquare15 site.